PROJECT / November is epilepsy awareness month and to alert the public, the Epilepsy Foundation releases a collection of ads across various platforms. While we release email alerts, social media posts and some print advertisements, the most exciting parts of the campaign for me lie in designing for more extreme and different mediums. This is a collection of my favorite places we placed the designs.

Shown here is the vector graphic for a CTA advertisement and was featured on blue, red, and brown train lines as well as several bus routes in the city. The challenge was to create something simple to draw the public's attention with as few words as possible. It was important to me that every person could make a personal connection. While including photography is usually a great way to form this bond immediately, people not represented in the photos may feel excluded. Short of finding a photo with every person in Chicago represented, I opted for vector graphics that can be resized easily and are often a little more forgiving.

This is my favorite part of working at the Epilepsy Foundation by far. Creating concepts for campaigns and adapting them for various situations is stimulating and exciting for me as a designer.

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